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Here are some examples of the estimated cost of different types of jobs around the house.  Please compare the prices and workmanship of CR Construction with that of Home Depot and Lowes.

Exterior of House—examples

1.       New single swing front  door, no sidelights ($140-$800); installation ($240) reuse existing casing—no repairs to framing.

2.       New single swing front door, double sides ($640-$1250); installation ($575) reuse existing trim.

3.       New PVC patio door in like sized opening ($340-$775); installation ($575) reuse existing trim.

4.       New insulated wood window in like sized opening ($150-$375); installation ($240) reuse existing interior trim.

5.       Repair of one house soffit fascia and plywood below (less than 4 square feet) with like product less than 16 feet from ground. No painting.  ($350)

6.       New deck and/or stairs: $15 per square ft. labor and materials with rails.

Interior of House—examples

1.       Newly rotted sub-floor in kitchen or bath replaced.  ($350)

2.       Interior hollow door and frame replaced, reuse lock. No Painting.  ($320)

3.       Crown molding added in house, nine foot ceilings, $2.12 per foot for molding itself, $2.50 per foot for labor, ($200 minimum)

4.       Paint grade bookcases on either side of fireplace with lower cabinet doors (eight feet or less of cabinets). No Paint.  ($1700)

Wholesale Pricing for large projects-examples

1.       Exotic wood kitchen cabinets, $350 per foot installed, local Georgia cabinet company.

2.       Three tab shingle roof replacement, materials, labor and dumpster; $97 per square foot of roofing, tear-off of one layer of old roofing

3.       New hard surface floor tile on your bare and empty room; cost of tile, thin-set,  grout and labor;  $4.50-$10.50 per square foot.

4.       Oak floors laid  and installed on your bare and empty floor; $7.50 per square foot.

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I encourage your calls.  The quickest and most accurate means of getting a price for your project is by phone.  Before you call use a ruler to confirm the size of the specific issues. Every big job consists of numerous small ones. After 35 years of experience in the trades, I can usually immediately price the cost of materials and labor based upon your accurate description.  Use the “Your Job” page to upload images of the project from your smart phone.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Can I pay you with a credit card?” variation=”red”]Payment for materials and labor can be made by a major credit card, cash or check. [/toggle] [toggle title=”How long does it take to get scheduled?” variation=”red”] Most of the jobs I do are smaller in scope.   At times that may mean if we come to terms, the job may be done the next day.  Emergency service is sometimes available.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Is your labor warrantied?” variation=”red”] Yes, 1 year [/toggle] [toggle title=”What type of jobs don’t you do?” variation=”red”] I avoid painting, HVAC work, landscaping and  roofing except for light repairs.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Are there other services you can provide?” variation=”red”]I have contacts with HVAC, electrical, siding and roof contractors.  Usually these men provide excellent service at wholesale prices. I can help negotiate you project’s pricing and terms.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Do you do plumbing and/or electrical?” variation=”red”]I can and do light plumbing and electrical work. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Do you charge by the job or hour?” variation=”red”] I base the cost of a job on a combination of factors—cost of materials, time required to complete, degree of difficulty and/or access and location.  My normal daily labor rate is $240. The best approach for a customer is to assemble several smaller projects and arrange for them to be combined for the best value.[/toggle] [toggle title=”What if I cannot adequately describe the scope of the work I need to have done?” variation=”red”]I would be delighted to come out personally and give you an estimate when we meet. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Do I need to give you a deposit if we come to terms?” variation=”red”]If there are significant costs for materials and supplies, either pay for the materials with a card over the phone or give me a check. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Can I put the cost of materials on my credit card?” variation=”red”]Yes, I would call you from a big box stores pro-desk of your choice.  I would have assembled the necessary items and you would pay for them over the phone.[/toggle]

projects1Do you have a larger project in mind?  Rich can work with you to plan, estimate and coordinate contractors to complete the job on time with your complete satisfaction.  Do you have a major home or business construction upgrade?  Do you want to feel assured that the work being done is right and the price is fair?  Call Rich, he can review the proposed work and give you the confidence that you are getting the right job done for the right price.
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