Broken glass except for non-thermal pane windows requires a glazier (glass company technician).  Wood insulated window sashes with broken glass are best replaced, not repaired.  The Atlanta region has dozens of sources for sashes.  The cost for a pair of sashes is usually in the neighborhood of $100.  Handy homeowners can easily accomplish this task by going online for directions.  Otherwise a professional will charge a service call for the fifteen minute procedure.  The new sashes will have to be painted.

Metal or vinyl insulated windows will again require the services of a glazier who will come first to measure then a second time to install the glass.  The cost for the thermal pane glass and installation will again be in the neighborhood of $200. Moral: don’t break glass.

Perhaps the window just does not operate properly or lock. Again parts for every conceivable wood, metal or vinyl window are available locally.  We can repair and replace almost every non-functioning element of a window without replacing the entire unit.


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